The Most Popular Skirting Board

Have you heard of a bull nose skirting board? Has your neighbor just boosted about getting it done in his home? There are many kinds of skirting boards available in the market yet more than half of the people opt for bull nose style skirting.

Here’s everything you need to know about these skirting boards

Why are they so popular?

1. Limited choice

It is way lot cheaper to create a single design rather than creating many designs in skirting boards. Earlier skirting boards were preferred to be kept to minimal and were not given much importance. Thus, bull nose skirting is highly prevalent since ages. Also it is a lot cheaper to implement it.

2. Simplicity

Bull nose style is also preferred for its simplicity and elegance. It has minimal design which can fit in with almost any interior, of any room. Thus it also saved the house owner from all the hassles of matching the skirting with the interior of every room. Also it goes well with generally every floor.

3. Safe

Another major factor of popularity is that it has a curved design. It doesn’t have any conical or sharp design. Thus, keeping in mind the safety, especially for children the bull nose style was considered as the safest option.

4. easy to construct

Another convenient factor for this skirting board is that is highly easy for the constructors. A skirting can always be a complicated task, but bull nose style is quite simple and fits in well. It forms a perfect barrier between the walls and the floor.


Thus bull nose style is still the most popular and most demanded skirting style. Though people today want to experiment different looks in their houses yet a majority of people still opt for the bull nose skirting board